1. Magic Tank is simple and safe to use.
  2. Magic Tank is available in two sizes (small & large) to meet the needs of any size kitchen.  It is simple and safe to use, and will not corrode or damage your equipment in any way, even aluminium equipment can be safely cleaned in a Magic Tank.
  3. Magic Tank will clean most metal Kitchen Equipment without the need for scrubbing or scouring.
  4. Magic Tank efficiently cleans: pots, pans, branding irons, roastingpans,Bain Marie inserts,grill topsoven racks, deep fry baskets,cook tops, gas burners and rings, heavy duty cutting boards,cutlery, crockery, baking trays and much more...
  5. Magic Tank is also ideal for cleaning grease/oil deposits off extractionfilters , reducing wear-and-tear on fans and motors.  Your kitchen will also be cooler!!


          NOTE: Magic Tank is not suitable for cleaning equipment made fromsilver, wood, tin or Teflon.